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Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness Training


This workshop, delivered by Waterside Training, is intended to inform and equip our managers with the the knowledge, skill and confidence to identify and support any issues of poor mental health in the workplace and to understand their role and recognise how best we can help. It’s very practically focussed and designed specifically for managers in organisations such as ours.

Where will the courses take place?

October Dates

  • 14th October - Lathom: Hesketh Room, 2nd Floor
  • 18th October - Greengate (St Helens): Willow Room
  • 28th October - Lathom (Architectural Engineering): Pilkington Italy Unlimited Room, 3rd Floor
  • 29th October - NGF: Board Room
  • 30th October - Lathom: Kesketh Room, 2nd Floor
  • 31st October - Pilkington Architectural: Main Conference Room

November Dates

  • 4th November - Cowley Hill: Main Conference Room, Cowley Hill Works
  • 5th November - Cowley Hill: Main Conference Room, Cowley Hill Works
  • 8th November - Greengate (St Helens): Elm Room
  • 11th November- Greengate (St Helens): Willow Room
  • 26th November - Lathom: Hesketh Room, 2nd Floor
  • 27th November - NGF: Board Room

December Dates

  • 2nd December - Kings Norton: Conf Room F
  • 4th December - Redditch: Finland Room
  • 5th December - Lathom: Lathom Room, 2nd Floor
  • 9th December - NGF: Board Room
  • 12th December - Redditch: Finland Room
  • 13th December - Watson Street: Main Conference Room

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